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Document Management Services

Your business generates huge volumes of information that can fuel productivity and enrich your relationships with customers, partners and employees. But if your organization is like most, 85 percent of this information does not fall into the structured formats of automated file systems or databases. Instead, it exists in a wide range of unstructured formats, such as images, documents, e-mail, reports, audio, video and web content. Imagine how much more your organization could get done each day if you consolidate all of your information into a single, searchable system regardless of source - mainframe reports, PC spreadsheets, printed forms, books, faxes, and email. As you strive to make your operations more cost-effective and efficient, as part of our document management services, Spectraforce can help you address a critical challenge - to manage and integrate all forms of information across diverse solutions and business processes and delivering it to end users when and where they need it.

What We Do

At Spectraforce, our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) framework and solutions, based on an End-to-End IBM infrastructure of WebSphere Portal and DB2 Content Manager, provide companies with all the benefits associated with enterprise document management via an easy to use interface. By extending these benefits across the enterprise and beyond, Document Management Solutions from Spectraforce gives customers' real business value.

Our Document Management Services deliver:

  • Scalable digital repositories optimized for any type of data.
  • Uniform access by business applications to information stored in the Document and Content Management system.
  • Web enablement of e-document search and retrieval.
  • Automation of business processes using business case specific e-documents.
  • Extension and integration of functionality of current system with other business functions.

How We Do It: SpectraDoc Methodology

Spectraforce has perfected its ECM MNovus Methodology to help organizations in implementing and customizing new Document Management Solutions. Spectraforce ECM SpectraDoc methodology is an iterative methodology, which at a high level consists of the following phases:

Inception: During the Inception phase, we carry out a thorough analysis of the functional and non-functional business requirements using our SpectraDoc tools, create appropriate Business and Workflow models, and come up with primary use cases that help the customer envision the end state. Spectradoc tools also outputs the drafts of hardware architecture and sizing for infrastructure teams to give them a head start. The output of this stage is a Scope Document that includes a high-level workflow and project plan.

Elaboration: At this stage, we assess and recommend design and architecture for the envisioned system. This is an iterative process, which involves a lot of interaction from the current and future users for the system. At this stage, detailed workflows are created along with design diagrams. The output of this stage is finalized with an architecture, design, workflow and detailed project plan.

Structuring: Structuring is the stage where essentially the ECM system (Enterprise Document Management System) is customized to the architecture and the workflow defined in the Elaboration stage. The application is developed and tested at this stage. The later part of this stage involves user acceptance testing. The output of this stage is finalized and tested solution.

Deployment: During Deployment, a finalized product is implemented at the customer's site(s). At this stage, Spectraforce conducts extensive user training sessions, provides handholding, and post implementation support for its customers.