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Spectraforce provides staffing services and IT outsourcing solutions to a broad range of clients and industries worldwide. We emphasize on "strategic innovation" and "thought leadership" in order to provide the most optimal and exceptional solutions that service a client's requirements. Our services range from strategic consulting, current technology implementations and high-quality staffing services to flexible and customized IT outsourcing services. We offer our customers both onsite and offshore development options. Our onsite and offshore software development teams in India work collaboratively for our customers.

Our solutions can be broadly categorized in two primary areas:

Global Staffing Services

Spectraforce provides full-service staffing services for high net worth clients, which range from Scientific, Clinical Research, Engineering, Financial services to Information Technology spanning legacy, current and emerging technologies. Our staffing services are tailored to support a broad spectrum of our client's needs from niche "boutique" requirements to large volume requirements managed through a Vendor Management System (VMS) relationship.

Global Outsourcing Solutions

Spectraforce has successfully delivered outsourced IT projects geared towards unique customer needs. Our objective is to bring high levels of service, quality, process and thought leadership, while implementing state-of-the-art technologies for our clients at a cost that will save them anywhere from 30-70% on average. Our services and solutions are built to complement our customer's business strategy, size and IT spend. Spectraforce strategically leverages it's partners and alliances, helping clients implement and integrate the best packaged solutions to deliver business results.

Our primary offerings include:

Strategic Enterprise Services

These services are geared towards organizations with large portfolios of IT and IT Enabled service applications.

Small and Midsize Business Services

These are strategic end-to-end IT outsourcing service offerings for companies with on-demand needs and for smaller IT organizations. This primarily includes start-ups and early/mid-stage companies, who compete with their larger counterparts but have not benefited from working with top-notch global IT service providers.