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SMB and IT Outsourcing IT: A step-by-step approach to success

Offshore is not a mainstream undertaking by Small and Midsize businesses (SMBs) at present. However, many are increasingly turning to offshoring their IT (Information Technology) needs, following in the footsteps of their large counterparts. During the last decade, large corporations were quick to see the cost benefits of low cost, highly skilled offshore labor and have enthusiastically moved services offshore. For large organizations, the scale of application development, maintenance and management, and the correspondingly large resourcing required made the transition inevitable.

Although same benefits of scale are not available to SMBs, they can still enjoy the benefits of IT offshoring. In addition to cost benefits, there can be distinct advantages in having access to skills globally that are in relatively short supply, difficult to recruit or retain, or expensive to train and maintain within the permanent workforce. Other key benefits include: faster time to market (as a result of 24x7 offshore model), easy scalability (based on SMB business growth and IT needs), efficiency gains and process quality...Click here for full story.