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Engineering, Administrative, Clerical, Accounting and Financial - Recruitment

Spectraforce Technologies, Inc. is one of the nation's fastest growing Staff Augmentation Service providers. Our recruitment models are custom-built processes to deliver high value beyond just filling positions. Our metrics-driven assembly line process allows our customers to take complete control of their staffing needs and costs associated. Please contact us for further detail regarding our high-value staffing services. Some of the categories we service include the following:

Industries and Domains

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Clinical trials research
  • Consumer products
  • Life sciences
  • Medical device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Engineering
    and quality assurance/control
  • Physical science
  • Validation
  • Research and development
  • Telecom
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Kinds of requirement we cater to:


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    All levels
  • Process Engineer-
    All levels
  • Validation Engineer-
    All levels
  • Scientific /Clinical Research
    All levels
  • Manufacturing/Research Project
    All levels
  • Chemical Engineer-
    All level

Telecom Technical

  • RF Engineer
  • Telecom Support Consultant
  • Wireless Support
  • Network Engineer

Accounting and Financial

  • Financial Analyst-
    All levels
  • Financial Administrator-
    All levels
  • Medical Program Financial Specialist-
    All levels
  • Financial Controller
  • Manager Consolidation Accounts
  • Accountant

Clerical and Administrative

  • Administrative Assistant-
    All levels
  • Contract Administrator-
    All levels
  • Document Control Administrator-
    All levels
  • Data Management consultant-
    All levels
  • Data entry Consultant
  • Billing Collection consultant-
    All levels
  • Front office Consultant-
    All levels
  • Customer Service Representative-
    All levels


  • Biologist-
    All levels
  • Chemist-
    All levels
  • Biochemist-
    All levels
  • Regulatory Scientist- Associate/Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician-
    All levels
  • Green House Technician-
    All levels


  • Clinical Operation Specialist-
    All levels
  • SAE reporting consultant-
    All levels
  • Clinical Trail Manager
  • Clinical Trial Associate
  • Clinical Research Specialist-
    All levels
  • Clinical Research Associate-
    All levels
  • Statistician
  • Clinical Project manager
  • Clinical Supply Manager
  • Clinical supply planner