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small to midsize business

Spectraforce SB is Spectraforce's way of catering to the customized needs of small to medium sized businesses. Our staff is ready and equipped to provide effective IT consulting and outsourcing services ranging from customized software applications to web page design. Our offshore development centers allow us to deliver our customers superior caliber products, while offering them at a 50- 70% discount and with fast completion time (via 24x7 three shift business model).

Give our team a call and allow us to elaborate on how Spectraforce can meet your specific small or medium sized business IT needs. Our knowledgeable staff offers phone, internet and face-to-face consultations to assist your company in targeting the most efficient solution for your needs.

Following are some of the major challenges faced by small and midsize businesses:
  • Cost of hiring programmers
  • Cost of maintaining programmers
  • Availability of high-quality programmers
  • Availability and hiring services of other IT specialist such as architects, software designers and testers.

We provide IT consulting and outsourcing services based on customer objectives such as cost, quality, time to market, onsite, offshore and blended (combination of offshore and onsite) models. Most Fortune 500 organizations are able to effectively use offshore development models to reduce costs, increase quality and gain access to a much larger talent pool.

Spectraforce has the global presence to bring IT consulting service outsourcing benefits to small and midsize businesses. Since Spectraforce is North Carolina-based, customers in the U.S. will deal with onsite personnel throughout their interaction with Spectraforce even if they choose to employ the services of our offshore development centers.

Some of the typical issues facing SMBs using offshore services include:

  • Communication problems resulting in misunderstanding of scope and requirements
  • Time differences dealing with offshore teams
  • Cultural differences and legal issues dealing with companies abroad

Spectraforce offers the perfect offshore risk mitigation strategies to deal with these issues, as the parent company is headquartered in North Carolina, U.S. Our detailed process and dashboards will provide our customers with the transparency and comfort they need.

Some of Delivery Processes:

  • Quality assurance policy
  • Security and compliance
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Project management
  • Risk management